Thursday, April 17, 2014

Whatever is True

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I have a blog. It happens every now and then.

I’ve been thinking about all the bits and pieces that fill my heart, the things I want to gather up and share with you here. I’ve been thinking about first birthdays and sunshine, fragrant herb gardens and fresh strawberries. Dimpled little hands, floral print dresses, swing sets, long walks through the neighborhood with a squish who tries to catch the wind. How wonderful it is to share my life with those I love. I’ve been dreaming of afternoons spent on the shores of Lake Michigan, the satisfying feeling of making something with my own hands, the way warm asphalt smells after the rain.

As I have written before, I want to focus on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable – things that are excellent and praiseworthy.

Easier said than done, my friends. As blessed as I am, I find myself dwelling on the negative lately. The way motherhood has changed my body, the bags under my eyes after yet another sleepless night. The worrisome thought that my sweet little girl is sick more often than she is healthy. House expenses, college debit, a winter that will not end. The judgement that I pass on myself and on others when I am feeling inadequate as a wife, mother, designer, human being. It all hangs heavy on my heart and sometimes I just can’t shake it.

So, I’m going to revamp my small slice of the internet and really focus on the things that are true, pure, and lovely. I want to share more of my experiences about the things that make life worth living, to catalogue the pieces of my heart instead of letting my thoughts dwell on the negative. I want to keep things real and honest, and stay grounded. But most of all, I want to live in the present and keep my focus on what is true.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

8/52, 9/52, 10/52, 11/52, 12/52, 13/52

Time for some baby overload... I'm catching up (yet again) on my 52 project photos.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Amelia: Your newest obsession? Pulling every single shoe I own out of the closet. If I don't remember to shut the doors in the morning after getting dressed, I will inevitably find you here with a pile of flats at your feet. You're so fast at pulling them off the rack, too; five minutes is all you need. Stinker.

Amelia: I can barely look at this photo without tearing up. You have been sick all week with a 103 temperature and a terrible cough. The doctors still don't know what exactly is wrong. Too sick to play with even your favorite toys, you drifted off to sleep a few minutes after I took this photo.

Amelia: Why hello there! You are finally back to your normal energetic self after nearly two weeks of sickness: RSV, viral pnuemonia, and a 48 hour stomach bug (that I also caught.) You have been through so much, little squish, and daddy and I are so glad that you are feeling better!

Amelia: This particular nap went past the two hour mark, which is unheard of in this house. I'm sure you have lots of resting to catch up on after being so sick for so long. I myself have lots of staring at those squishy cheeks and mile-long eyelashes to catch up on, so this arrangement totally works.

Amelia: Sometimes I wonder when I'll stop taking pictures of your naps. 2 years? 20 years? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.

Amelia: I think you may be going through a growth spurt. Today we had dinner a little later than normal (chicken and cheese, your two favorites) and you just couldn't keep your eyes open. It was one of the cutest things ever - we even caught it on video, which will of course be played at your high school graduation open house. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Amelia: When did you grow up so much? Quit it! You are becoming more toddler-like by the minute and I can hardly stand it. We sat watching the Olympics (men's cross country ski relay, I believe) and you were quite content to sit and munch on Cheerios and banana puffs, if only for ten minutes. It was a sweet moment that I'll cherish forever.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Green Houseplants

Let's face it. Spring is nowhere near the midwest and I think it's going to stay that way until June, probably. Last week we had some warmer days (48 degrees!) and sunshine... my spirits were lifted and all was right in the world. Today? Snow. Tomorrow? Snow. Fat fluffy flakes and a single-digit forecast to follow. I need some sort of boost, and I've got spring green plants on the brain.

Now that Chris and I have a house of our own, I've been wanting to incorporate some houseplants into our decor. I've honestly never been much of a indoor plant person, mostly because I'm pretty clueless on how to keep them alive. In fact, I killed a mint plant a few weeks ago. Too much water? Not enough sun? Who knows. But thanks to this list of hard-to-kill house plants plants I discovered last week, I've found a few hardy plants that just might work and have just the boost of green I need to get through these gray days.

1. A "Donkey Tail" might not sound like a pretty plant, but this succulent is the cutest thing with trailing stems that flower the summer. This plant requires a lot of light and minimal watering, so hang it from a window or on a sunny shelf and you're golden.
2, 3. Moonshine Sansiveria and Snakeskin Sansiveria seem like the best bet for our home. They are hardy plants that don't need a lot of sun or water, and I love those spikey tendrils. Plus they're excellent air purifiers, and have even been known to filter out toxins like formaldehyde.
4. I have been wanting a fiddle leaf fig for ages but didn't know what they were called until I read this post by Emily Henderson. Oh man those trees are beautiful. According to Emily, a sizable tree can cost upward of $500, but this ten inch guy is only $12.99 at IKEA. I'll take it.
5. Lest we forget the blogworld's mascot, the succulent. Ikea's assorted succulent mix are adorable, pre-potted and super affordable. At $2.50 a pop you can buy one (or more) for every room in your home.

I'd also love to own a potted citrus tree someday, but considering that I can't keep a simple garden herb alive indoors, I'm going to stick to hard-to-kill vegetation for now. You can most of the above plants online, but I bet you could find most of these plants at your local nursery, too. I've even seen the sansiveria at my grocery store. Slap any of these guys in a white ceramic pot (or perhaps copper?) and you have instant Spring -- just what I need.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4/52, 5/52, 6/52

I'm playing a little catchup on my posts for the 52 Project. Surprisingly, I haven't fallen behind in taking these photos, just sharing them. I know I'm hardly two months into the project, but I am loving these weekly portraits of my daughter. Best resolution ever.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. 

Amelia: I am loving your post-naptime greetings lately. As soon as you see me, your face lights up with that gummy grin of yours and you babble on and on, presumably telling me all about what you were dreaming of (my guess is milk and carpet fuzzies.) Even with a snotty nose, you are as cute as can be. 

Amelia: I think you are going through another growth spurt. Normally awake by 7:30 or sooner, you have slept in well past 8 every day this week. I can't ever bring myself to wake you, dreaming so peacefully, and I admit... I've enjoyed the extra quite time in the mornings with a hot cup of coffee and a book.

Amelia: Little stinker. You have been perfecting your crawling skills lately, and you are fast - faster than I can focus the camera lens as you come at me.